…cultivate a passion for TODAY


What does it mean to be passionate about today instead of always waiting for tomorrow? We’re currently trying to figure this out. We want to sincerely  enjoy the simple pleasures of life and continually try to remind ourselves of this during the extra busy  agenda filled days.

To stop and allow ourselves to be captivated by the beauty of the daylight instead of staring down at our little mobile bff as we walk to another  weekly meeting. To give a smile. To receive a smile.

To love those in front of us…today.

To actually savor and appreciate the luxury of that four dollar latte in the morning and not just inhale it for the sake of needing a morning kick!  To challenge ourselves to live an authentic life and to make time for rest in the business of trying to make dreams come true!

In a time where OUR generation is always looking for the NEXT .

The next:


instagram moment





green light

good Pandora song



Fill in the _______ .

Lets be  intentional about cultivating a passion for living and appreciating the beauty of TODAY.

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